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About National Credit and Screening

Helping you choose the right employees, tenants, customers, and vendors

President's Message

Ken SirlinThank you for visiting our website. At NCS, our clients ask sensitive questions and need reliable answers quickly. Accurate and timely client delivery is our goal. To meet client needs, we invest in our team, methods and values to ensure that our report findings are confirmed to eliminate false positives.

A false positive can ruin an applicant’s career or delay a leasing decision. At NCS, we have trained, nationwide staff who confirm findings with the courts and cover over 3,500 jurisdictions. When we confirm a finding for an applicant, we report that finding to you.

At our core, we believe that THE HUMAN DIFFERENCE reduces client risk. Computer checks are superficial and, often, databases are out of date. At NCS, THE HUMAN DIFFERENCE means:

  • Our data is fresh and accurate;
  • Our reports are reviewed by someone other than the preparer; and,
  • We meet our clients’ turnaround needs.

As a client, you can have confidence that our skilled field team has the right data, methods and values to report whether a candidate for employment, tenancy, a vendor, or a customer is an acceptable risk. As the owner of National Credit and Screening, I am driven to ensure that our findings are accurate and our response is timely. As always, I remain committed to making sure you get what you need.

We are excited to introduce you to our services and look forward to helping you achieve your goals. Please feel free to call me at 516-330-1582 or email me so that I can make sure that you get what you need from National Credit and Screening.


National Credit and Screening

National Credit and Screening Co. LLC helps businesses choose the right employees, tenants, customers, and vendors with the critical knowledge needed to avoid the risks that can impact financial security, reputation and brand image.

National Credit and Screening provides decision makers with a comprehensive suite of investigative background reports and credit information.  Quickly, usually within 24 hours, you receive a compliant and customized background report with accurate and reliable information needed to verify, with confidence, whether an applicant is an acceptable risk.

With access to the most-timely worldwide information to make the right decision and grow a business, NCS provides the expertise, local skills and insight into how these decisions protect assets and promote growth.

As NCS’s President, Ken has been in the background and credit screening business for over 20 years. Ken graduated from the University at Buffalo with a B.S. in accounting, New York University Stern School of Business with a MBA in taxation, and Brooklyn Law School with a J.D. Ken is most proud of his 3 adult sons.

THE HUMAN DIFFERENCETM…Do you want a computer or a human to screen your applicants? At NCS, our investigators are trained, boots on the ground, confirming every document and finding we make.

  • Your NCS associate analyzes and executes your request – We never “push the button” to merely receive an answer from a computer.
  • Your NCS associate reviews every search result. This ensures the information returned to you is accurate, reliable, and compliant with all relevant laws.