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HR Management Services

Taking the Pressure of HR and Payroll off Your Shoulders

Grow your business without the worry of handling HR responsibilities, employee onboarding, payroll including taxes and insurance, benefits administration, and ACA compliance.

Our Services Include:

  • Payroll Administration
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Benefits Administration
  • Global Mobility
  • Expatriate Administration

NCS has an expert partnership with a provider of not only payroll services, but also Human Capital Management (HCM), and Administrative Services Organization (ASO) solutions. They help you achieve peace of mind by reducing the heavy administrative workload of handling payroll, benefits, turnover, and regulatory and legal management so that you can focus on your business. Check out how our team can help you manage this overload – and ensure you are not overlooking any details. Our partnership’s flexibility and features and personalized approach ensure that our system can handle all of your needs. Whether your company is large or small, we have you covered.

Contact us and experience THE HUMAN DIFFERENCETM

HR Management Solutions Screening

THE HUMAN DIFFERENCETM…Do you want a computer or a human to screen your applicants? At NCS, our investigators are trained, boots on the ground, confirming every document and finding we make.

  • Your NCS associate analyzes and executes your request – We never “push the button” to merely receive an answer from a computer.
  • Your NCS associate reviews every search result. This ensures the information returned to you is accurate, reliable, and compliant with all relevant laws.


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