Pre-Employment Screening

In as Little as 24 Hours

It is common knowledge that prospective employees may not always be 100% upfront when applying for a job position or during an interview. Our pre-employment screening and background checks help you see the full story of the candidate and make a diligent decision

Our Services Include:

  • Criminal Behavior (felonies and misdemeanors)
  • Unverified Qualifications (certifications, degrees, professional licenses)
  • Civil Record Documentation (address, driver's license, liens and judgements, litigation)
  • Fabricated Experience (work, volunteer, etc.)
  • Drug Testing
  • And other relevant information

Our FCRA compliant background checks help you red flag criminal behavior, unverified qualifications, fabricated experiences, drug issues, and other relevant information before you make what could be a very expensive mistake and damage your organization’s reputation.

NCS is the quickest, simplest and often cheapest way of making sure you know exactly who you are employing without taking either unnecessary risks, or unnecessary time and resources. An employment background screening policy is the most economic business insurance you can buy.

Contact us today and experience THE HUMAN DIFFERENCETM.

Pre-Employment Screening

THE HUMAN DIFFERENCETM…Do you want a computer or a human to screen your applicants? Your personal advisor will find the real facts, confirmed in the field, to eliminate false positives and to prevent you from making a very expensive mistake.

  • Your NCS associate analyzes and executes your request – We never “push the button” to merely receive an answer from a computer.
  • Your NCS associate reviews every search result. This ensures the information returned to you is accurate, reliable, and compliant with all relevant laws.


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